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New Year, New Body!

Release the waistband as we pile the supermarket trolleys high with bubbles, chocolates, nibbles, canapés, mince pies and anything that’s laced with calories – it’s the Chrimbo season. I dread to think what January’s body is going to look like apart from most of Lidl will be round my piggy middle. My advice is enjoy it all, and lots of it, and book yourself onto the Realfit 8-Week Accelerator Programme for January to get superduper healthy, and bag yourself a bikini body while you’re at it.

Peter Drinkwater

Pete Drinkwater is the man of steel behind Realfit and he’s been encouraging me to ditch the treadmill and embrace weight lifting if I’m serious about getting fit and losing the pounds. The 8-week Accelerator Programme is all about achieving results – fast and efficiently and in a world when I struggle to even find time to stretch that’s what I need. It combines training and diet: each week you’ll have a weigh in session so you can visibly see your progress and your programme can be altered accordingly.  Realfit are results focused and I like that as let’s be honest we’re not doing this for a barrel of laughs, though there’s a great atmosphere at the gym and I’ve got to know the instructors and the banter certainly spurs you on.

Realfit is based in Eaton Socon and there’s a team of PT instructors all of whom are super encouraging but have that kind of ‘get on with it’ mentality that lazy knackers like me regard with a wide-eyed wonderment. For 7 weeks (I’ve one week left) I’ve been attending three weekly classes, each one lasting about 45mins, so significantly less than my gym sessions which come in around an hour and a half. I won’t bore you with the grunts, wobbles that the Muddy body performed during that time but the programme is developed to increase body strength and fitness. You can expect to lift, stretch, pull, push – it’s super tough and I’m not sure I’d say I love every minute but that pain is worth it for the results. My core and upper body are much stronger without developing bulging buns and the results are in (*drum roll please*) – I’ve dropped over 3kg, lost weight around my waist and dropped 2″ off each leg! .The trainers are very positive, knowledgeable and a teeny bit bossy in the way you want your fitness instructors to be – you’ll have a work out whether you like it or not!


Realfit are running an Accelerator Programme again in January (starting the second week) and Muddy readers have first dibs to bag a place – numbers are limited so book it up now if you’re keen. The cost of the programme is £997 (gulp – that works out at around £124 for the three weekly sessions which doesn’t seem nearly as bad) and to secure your place there’s non-refundable deposit.  It’s hardly a bargain but having lost so much weight in a realitvely short period of time it’s a programme that gets results.  I’ve been flogging myself at the local gym for the past 6 months with little success and as life is so busy these days that seems a waste of time, money and energy.

It’s worth underlining that Realfit is a studio rather than a club so if you’re thinking of joining outside of the Accelerator Programme it suits those who want to dip into a class and then get on with their busy days, rather than those who want a more fitness club experience. That’s a personal preference, but I will say that whether you’re part sloth like me who needs encouragement, or someone who is super fit but wants to increase their fitness and strength further, you’ll be well looked after here

Realfit, 19 Little End Road, Eaton Socon, St Neots, PE19 8JH, Tel: 01480 219 272

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